workThere are times when work is making you so tense to such an extent that you can’t sleep at night. You are disappointed and get constrained; the body shrinks as if someone beats it up. Does it happen? Of course! That is how disappointment works. Do not forget, it is only a memory that plays in the subconsciousness, or, as they say in Ho’oponopono, the memory that replays disappointment is held by the inner child.

Several days ago, all went wrong at my work. To tell you the truth, all was fine at work itself. It is me who had created those mass of problems and I felt as I am in the darkness. I thanked my inner child, who reminded me to use one of the Ho’oponopono tools. I can’t reveal the tool itself, since I have no right to spread that copyright information. It is taught at IZI Ho’oponopono seminars.

I used that tool for day and a half. This tool helps with uncertainties. I felt I am a bucket full of uncertainties and I was about to break loose and spill it all over. All those feelings went right under my erasing tool. The next day when I came to work I was feeling lighter in my soul and was sure that I would manage what I had to do.

The task, that usually takes 4-5 hours to perform, was done within 15 minutes! In addition, other things were resolved as well! I felt clear. I saw clear. I heard clear. It was such a blessing!

My work involves noticing small and big details. In most cases I pay huge attention and spend quite some time to find the errors and fix them. This time it was different!!! “Clean first and then do the work”- became my new motto.

Thank the Divinity for this tool!

I love you

One thought on “Work, Work, Work…

  1. I am currently going through hell at work. I left my previous job as I felt that i stagnated and was not seen. Everyone went on courses except me. Although I was doing the most and always been disciplined.
    I found a job that promissed me the stars just to find myself in the same situation.
    I am cleaning as much as i can but it feels that i am not heard.
    It cause extreme frustration snd it made me gossip about my boss and tried to blame her although I know it is something within me causing this.
    I hope I can smile one day and also feel favored.

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