protectLife is interesting and unexplained. You never know what will be right after the corner.  By saying well known tool “I love you”, you wear a protective vest.

How the body armor helps? It is like an invisible light warm cocoon that protects your every step. If you don’t wear the vest you have a chance to lead you to stress and trouble. I wouldn’t want to experience it.

And yet, the vest is your mate, which probes the road for you. “Well, well … go here – this road is smooth. Don’t go there – there is a swamp.”

Of course, this body armor is working non-stop without a break for lunch with one condition – you have to get to the Ho’oponopono cleaning. No, 600-800 times a day to use one tool is not enough. This is an ongoing and ceaseless process. Instead of listening to your own thoughts constantly running in your mind, you can use the tool. You’re still doing nothing when you go to work or cook dinner? This is the chance to clean. Everything is done in your mind.

Who else, if not you will be able to protect yourself and your family? Why family? Because once it comes off of you, it would come off of the family simultaneously.

How does the protection look like on subtle level? The picture for this article very roughly illustrates this. Wear that body armor and let yourself and your family be surrounded with Divine Love.

I love you!


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