toolThere are quite a number of Ho’oponopono tools. They are taught at the SITH seminars. A wide array of options of the tools may create a dilemma for you: which tool to choose from that works for you?

Hew Len in his interviews says that the best tool is the one directly received from the Divinity exactly for your situation. You need just to ask. If you don’t hear the response immediately keep on cleaning and ask again.

I had a very difficult situation and wanted to resolve it as quick as possible. What did I do? I asked for the tool! You know what? Divinity responded. I heard it very clear. At the beginning I did not believe it and was in a light shock (the memory of disbelieve popped up), but decided to give it a try and started to use that tool.

When I do the cleaning, I always feel the burning energy right in the heart. Unpleasant feeling, but! At that time I didn’t know that it will be my “gift-radar”. Those unpleasant feelings are showing me how “serious” the problem is that I work on at the moment. Sometimes the feeling is very strong and I rush to clean more so it will go away, sometimes I feel nothing.

When I started to repeat in my mind the new tool, I have noticed my “unpleasant feeling” gently moved from one side to another, the body relaxed and my nose got runny as if I had a cup of hot tea after I got back from the winter cold. The feeling started to melt down and then disappeared within several minutes.

After this experience I might ask Divinity for my own personal tools more often and who knows, maybe it will help me to let go of the garbage in me much quicker.

By the way, the result of use of my tool was incredible but this is going to be another story.

Thank you!

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  1. Before the death of my father, I also received a tool. But in that moment I did not understand why i see it. Only when everything is happened, I realized that i have the tool and started to use it in my daily cleaning. Day after day i felt better. The pain of loss, anguish and regret for the missed opportunities to communicate more with my Dad, passed. I think that it was one-off tool, suitable only for that situation. Thanks to Divinity for this help. Now i believe and will ask Divinity for my own personal tools more often.

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