We Need StuffRecently again and again I hear the following phrase: I am cleaning, but it does not work! I started to clean this statement, because I was responsible. There was something inside me, otherwise I would not have heard this.

As a result from the ho’oponopono cleaning, I heard “people wished for material stuff” to happen. When a person cleans on a car and the car won’t show up he says it won’t work and the tons of “invisible” transformations happening inside the person is not on the account.

So the goal of the cleaning is to get something big, fast and yesterday. I was shocked because I never divided my results and miracles to be tangible and intangible. I was happy to get everything that came to me. I am open to everything that is coming my way because I do my cleaning. I trust that the Creator gives me what I need right now.

I started watching and saw that the person with the cleaning is expecting a car, a house, a business success instead of wishing tranquility and peace of mind. To be honest, I felt very bad as it turned out we didn’t really understood what is going on. We are small-minded and have a lot of hooks. We don’t need God, we need stuff. We don’t get the idea that putting the God/Creator/Divine on the first place, we will have peace and the stuff we need will come along. We think that being surrounded by luxurious material things will bring us peace, freedom and happiness. We don’t think about health, we don’t think about people we love, we think only about stuff.

It is true. We are human. That memory built in all of us and only Creator is kind enough to still love us!?

To have money is good and is not bad at all. Creator wants us to be fed, healthy and clothed and have all that we need. The memories inside us set priorities. That is where the trick is.

I love you!

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