We are hermitsThe world is full of people and they are all different. Everyone has their own preferences, interests, views and opinions. Everyone lives as he can. Everyone lives as it is programmed to do so.

There is a small, very small percentage of people who consciously choose to live as a hermit in the mountains, in caves, far away from people and society. If you listen to the interviews of such people, they have chosen this way of life in deep awareness of their choices.

Of course, in their lives were ups and downs. But you cannot say that they have gone into hermitry from a bad life or it was runaway from worldly, human concerns. So what draws them to such live? How does their life look like?

Indeed, they are not attracted to the material things, they do not need a car and a prestigious career. For example, in Egypt such hermits live in a desert in small rooms that are cut out in clumps of mountains. They can’t even be called chambers.

What do hermits do? Looking for yourself and are in constant prayer. They are looking for that state which is called “pure in heart” (a phrase of Jesus). In Ho’oponopono, this condition is called “zero state”.  Doctor Hew Len refers to this state in almost every interview.

Most hermits say that they feel they have to be away from people. They pray for forgiveness for their sins – memories replaying or programs. They are constantly working on themselves.

I am always amazed by the power that directs these people. I’m not at that level to leave my family, work, and go into hermitry. Not everyone can take that step. I bow to hermits, because I think this is a huge and powerful work.

Ho’oponopono practitioners are also hermits, but hermits inside. Physically, you do no need to go anywhere. No need to sit down and take time to clean. You do not need to stop your work, play with the children, caring for the home, family, and business. Ho’oponopono is a part of everyday life, not a separate part of your daily life.

All of the above you can do “on the fly” by clearing yourself. Go for a walk with the kids – do the cleaning, making money – do the cleaning, cooking – do the cleaning, calling business partners – do the cleaning . You do not have to go anywhere to go away and live in a cave, to deprive yourself from your favorite food, clothing and society. Every movement – is a cleaning. All you have to do is to repeat mentally to yourself, “I love you” , or other your favorite Ho’oponopono tool. You also can ask Creator for tool for your specific situation.

I love you!

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