I would like to mention about Ho’oponopono tools. Some of them were mentioned in the Joe’s book “Zero Limits”.

Many ask how do I do the cleaning at work or when talking? In my job the head is busy with counting money for the corporation. It seems no cleaning fits into the picture. Is it possible to clean while talking to your boss? To me it is very possible and real and it works for me too.

Joe wrote in the book about the wonderful tool The Blue Solar Water. You also can learn about it from the IZI LLC website. Oh, please do not run to the grocery store to buy it. It can be done by you and it is free. How? Easy.

You need any glass (only glass) container of blue color. You may take a blue bottle, or as I do, blue glass vase. I have two of them. I always have one in reserve!

Pour water in that container, cover it with a plastic cover. It is not allowed in any case to cover it with metal cover. You have to cover it to avoid flies drinking that water. They love blue solar water. I experienced that for sure. Then put that water under the sun for 30-60 minutes. That is all! The water is ready for use!

You can drink it, boil water for tea, use it when cleaning clothes or use it for the shower. One drop of solar water into any water is enough and all the water becomes solarized. The principle is the same when they do holly water in the churches.

What shall we do when there is no sun and the sky is cloudy? I have no idea but I follow my own internal guidelines and put the glass container outside anyway as I see a little shadow from the blue container. There is little sun even in cloudy weather.

Let’s add more extreme. What if there is rain? The solution is to put the bottle under an incandescent lamp. You shouldn’t use daylight lamp and other kinds of lamps.

You can take such water to work. You drink it and memories are erased. You drink it and clean relationships with money or people around you. At the end that is all you want to do.

Well, what to do if physically you can’t carry it with you? Mentally…It is enough mentally to tell Blue Solar Water. But…preferably to do it physically because your body loves water.

Recently, I found online beautiful blue glass bottles that have plastic covers. I purchased them and love them. If you would like to start the cleaning using the Solar Water at your work or at home you can purchase one and carry it everywhere for you found the perfect mate!

Happy cleaning!

I love you!

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