The Inner Child is within every person. Hawaiians call the Inner Child – Unihipily. This is an integral and essencial part of us. The Inner Child keeps all the memories in itself that we live and experience in daily lives as quite painful problems from the very beginning of our creation to the present. There are a lot of memories. Memories create problems in family life, with children, with careers, with money, in relationships with loved ones, and with chronic bad luck. You name it. The pain can be multilevel: mental, material and emotional. The secret is to find out a common language with your Unihipily. It is not reached immediately and for many not so quickly. Kekalike can help to already lay this bridge in the session Trio so you get to understand where you are with this part of yourself. You will experience coziness: You, Your Unihipily and Kekalike. You can discover:

• the progress in your cleansing

• what Unihipily likes or dislikes

• his/her fears

• worries

• learn of possible negative situations

The session has been conducted for many years and it is one of Kekaulike’s favorite sessions. Sessions are the base where we study about that part of us we call the subconscious. The subconscious talks quite enough. Take advantage to learn better the part of you that is forgotten!

If this session is an emergency, please contact support with your registration number via the contact page. On urgent situations it is possible to connect via Whatsapp and Viber. Ho’oponopono Miracles website and Kekalike does not guarantee anyone that cleansing will lead to specific desired results of the individual. All information is given for cleaning purposes only. Kekalike uses the Ho’oponopono process from the moment of your registration, during the session and one more week after the session to cut the ties.

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Length: 20 min

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