To Tell About Hooponopono To My SonThis story from Kate. Enjoy!

I was so afraid to tell about Ho’oponopono to my son. I don’t really know why? Of course, the programs whispered some variants of versions-explanations to me. But I was not going to be led by programs and was cleaning. I was cleaning and letting go expectations of all possible variants of our conversation.

I received bad news about a sudden deterioration of my grandmother’s health. I told my son about it and asked him to say “I love you, Grandma” many times in his mind. Without any questions, my son agreed to do it and immediately began to say this magic phrase aloud.

The dialogue in my head began like this: “Why didn’t he ask questions? Why? How can it help? He is usually very curious!”.

My mind often pushes me to understand everything, to analyze. This time I expreinced just that. Instead of trusting and to being happy to take it, I finally asked:

– Albert, do you know why it is necessary to say “I love you, Grandma?”

– Yes, Mommy.

I was almost choked with excitement.

– Tell me, what is it for?

– Well, how would it be better to say … When I say “I love you, my Grandma,” my grandmother receives good and positive energy that cures her.

Hm.. I realised my fear crashed to many small pieces. He told me that I thought I would give him.

Now, when I am talking about cleansing to my son, he perceives information easily as if he always knew about it.


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