to get a wonderful resultStory from Kate.

Some years ago I often heard from my friends that only thanks to certain relations could get you a perspective job, new position, place a child to a school or daycare and so on. More over, people also happened to ask me such kinds of requests. To tell the truth, such kind of requests really bothered me. I never used relationships to ask somebody for myself and for my family. From the other side, I couldn’t say no.

Time flies. Now I am a Ho’oponopono practitioner. I still come across with requests to make an arrangement about something. But! Now, I clean myself first and then ask… First of all I ask the Creator to clean whatever in me that caused such a problem that a person can’t cope with it himself and had to ask me.

Not so long ago I got a phone call from a woman who was worried about her grandson. Her grandson could not pass the exam to one teacher in the University I worked for. The boy had already failed the exam several times.

Listening to this woman, I wrote down the boy’s and teacher’s names, the name of the exam, the name of  the University on a piece of paper… As I listened to the woman, I was not able to clean in mind or aloud. So I use a special pencil with an eraser on the end. You can learn how to use this pencil correctly at the IZI LLC classes.

Keeping the conversation going, I used the pencil tool. This pencil is one of the wonderful Ho’oponopono tools that initiates petition of cleaning to the Creator.

I did not know that very, very strict teacher. I didn’t know how to find him. I just cleaned myself and that really made a great difference. The next day I got good news. The exam was passed! It was amazing! I gave the petition to the Creator applying Ho’oponopono tool and received a wonderful result!

If people come to me with problems, requests or just claims I take 100% responsibility and make an appeal to the Creator to erase the memories of those problems that of course are in me. Anyway, Peace begins with me.


10 thoughts on “To Get a Wonderful Result

  1. Really need help with finding a soulmate and a financial blessing been not able to make ends meet and been longing to find a true love

  2. Wanna clean on my mother’s long-standing depression and on having financial blessing.
    Thank you – I love you

  3. Hi I have been preparing for a medical boards exam for over a year and having a hard time with it. Could you please clean so that I can take the test this (2018) December and also ace the test? I have a 4 year old daughter and it takes a lot of time away from her since I have to put in 12 to 13 hours a day of studying.

  4. I have applied verification of my cafinal group 2exams, I want to pass in my exams in verification results.
    Please help me in this

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