To Enjoy Seeing Each OherStarting to  practice Ho’oponopono, many people think: “Oh, how wonderful it should be to see and hear your Inner Child . I’ d like to to talk to it, take care of it and clean memories accumulated for centuries together with my Unihipily”. But… As for me, I wasn’t ready for this meeting…

It happened about one and a half years ago. I put my six month old daughter to bed. After my daughter fell asleep I went to bed with a feeling of satisfaction that a job well done and… I heard a child’s voice saying: “Mom”. For sure it wasn’t my daughter!

Now looking back I can’t say that it was scaring me. But I am a person easily scared by nature so when I heard the voice of my Inner Child, I couldn’t move. From that day I haven’t heard my Unihipily anymore, I think it was frightened with my reaction as it wasn’t expected such greeting from its mother.

Ihaleakala Hew Lean nicely wrote in his article that we are in charge of our memories. When my Unihipily was about to appear, I was in charge of my memories of fear. I do not know when my Inner Child wants to talk to me but I believe that it would happen in the clearest moment of my life. So I’ll answer: “My sweetheart, Mom is listening to you carefully…”  when I  hear “Mother”.

In the  beginning of my Ho’oponopono practice, I couldn’t wait to see my Unihipily. But now because of my experience, I want everything to happen in  its own time! There is no sense to hurry up and push. Just clean so that everybody are ready and enjoy seeing each other!

I love you!


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