the signal was missedThis story is from my friend Incha.

Before leaving for vacation, I read the horoscope. It warned about harmed relationships in family. For me, as for the Ho’oponopono practitioner, the main thing was not to miss the signal and start cleaning before I involved into situation. Unfortunately, the signal was missed.

Everything we do or not do has its own result. In the middle of my vacation, my husband hurt me. Although he didn’t think so. I was offended so much that I couldn’t stop my tears for several hours. As usual, my offense turned into mental dialogue with blaming, claims, and crying for justice …

It  was afternoon and my husband fell asleep. I couldn’t find the place better than a bathroom for inner dialogue with my husband. However, I understood that it would bring me no relief. The fact that my husband was still sleeping meant that I was not ready to see him right now and I had time to clean.

I remembered Ihaleakala Hew Len said that the best time to talk to Unihipily when the person was sleeping.  So I started to ask forgiveness from my husband’s Unihipily for whatever caused him to offend me. I thanked him for the chance to clean. I poured myself with Blue Solar Water.

Little by little my Unihipili calmed down and resentment began to fade. Taking 100% responsibility for the situation with my husband, I allowed a stream of light that I could not see because of my offenses to men revealed to me. There was nothing to do with my husband. He had to attract my attention on himself in order to give me chance to clean. He acted on behalf of all the men I met in this or past lives.

I realized for how long I did not give my offense release from prison and hold it as a hostage. I felt that my anger, offense and irritation went away so I was ready to get out of the bathroom.

Gradually, peace came into  my heart. I was proud of myself I could remember the cleaning and could now find the right words for my Unihipily. I was grateful to Divinity for a chance to clean and for the ability not to miss it but to give thanks.

The result of my cleaning was almost immediate. Coming out of the bathroom, I saw my husband was awake. We talked and the conflict was over. A few days later, I felt a nice caring attention to me not only from my husband but also from other men! They expressed interest and care.

Perhaps it was only the top of an enormous iceberg. Perhaps I will happen to find myself in such situations again and again. I ask Divinity only one thing, please remind me to clean and let go.

Thank you!


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