right nameFrom Ksenia.

I never thought of whether I have the Divinely correct name for me. What is this name? Is it long or short?  Is it Turkish or Hawaiian? May be it is a Japanese name? I want my name to also be a cleaning tool. The correct name not only helps in cleaning but it also corrects fate.

Several years ago, I began to think that it would be great to get a name from the Creator but …. As always, my dear memories showed up on the surface.

At first showed up the belief that Creator had no name for me and it turned out to be the strongest memory. There you are! Creator has the name for everybody except me. Perhaps He is too busy with other things and he had no time? We are many and He is alone. He may not know my name at all. And so on and so forth…

Stop! I started the Ho’oponopono process and asked the Creator to give me a sign.

Some time later after that I got to the Internet and read the name of the article in a completely unexpected place: “GOD KNOWS YOUR NAME!”.

Well… I did my cleaning and got the answer instantly.

Such a wonderful reminder for me that everything has its own Ho’oponopono time. No need to hurry, no need to worry. Just continue cleaning. The next step is to talk to Divine and ask.

Peace and miracles to you beyond all comprehension!


One thought on “The Right Name

  1. I’m sorry.
    Please, forgive me.
    Thank you, for truly listening.
    I love you, all of you and me.

    Neither born nor die ing,
    I live infinitely.
    MANY NAMES have piggybacked,
    To which my soul has held over eons.
    I am not one,
    I am infinitely nothing.

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