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You are welcome to be  part of our Ho'oponopono Kid's Playground. You can send us  your interesting stories about kids, photos, short videos, kid's pictures, children’s  stories  via mail: They are going to show up right here at Ho’oponopono Miracles… Remember! Cleaning is the way to zero. Make life of our children cleaner!

Here is the first contribution from Kekaulike. She gets lot of emails from Happy Parents who practice Hooponopono and some kids even went to SITH class and do the cleaning themselves! 

She writes: «Ho’oponopono for adults and for kids as well. Why I am saying that? I was convinced by a little girl who after attending the Ho’oponopono SITH Class in Moscow asked her Mom to send me her inspired recording of Morrnah's prayer "The Peace of I" . The prayer from the mouth of kid brings joyful tears and warmth in the soul».

Dear adults! Please support the child with your comment. Each comment is your applause to Divine in child. I asked her mother to show each comment to her daughter. The prayer is in Russian. Listen to it with your open heart. 

I wish you peace and miracles beyond all understanding. 

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