fantasyThere is a concept in many religious and nonreligious teachings that a person born should be given the correct name.

If a person or a business have been given the wrong names, then it surely doesn’t do any good to a person or to a business.

We are the humans. When giving the name to a child, we do not always use the Inspiration. Most of the time we are littered with programs and are not cleaned up. The person gives the name to a child being based on his programs, without asking the Creator, the Universe (call it what you want).

In Joe Vitale’s book Zero Limits he told us that he had noticed that many of the people who were present at the seminar had Hawaiian names, though they were not Hawaiians. Joe asked Hew Len about the Hawaiian name for himself … Remember?

All year, after my first seminar, the idea of getting a Hawaiian name often came to my mind.

One day, just before the seminar, I was busy with my home routine, and suddenly asked this question to the Creator. I had the reason to get the name and the main one was more deep cleansing. I asked for the name that when I or people pronounce the name it would clean all of my connections with people. I wanted a name to be a cleansing tool for me.

I heard a name for myself. At first I heard as it was «far away» after a few minutes of cleansing. I distinctly heard the ending of the name. Soon the rest of the name came. But I’m a human being, and immediately began to analyze. Hmm, what if that name doesn’t exist! I was not familiar with Hawaiian names ….The consciousness needed proof.

During the first break of the seminar, I came to Hew Len and asked him to give me a Hawaiian name. At first he said that it was not yet time to ask this question. He asked me whether I was from Hawaii. I said “No”.

Suddenly he asked for a pen and a piece of paper. I had already known what he was writing. It was the name I had heard myself. I had a look and said to him: “Oh, yes, I heard it already”.

Everything we need is to trust the Creator. Well, we have to work on that.

The name that we both heard was Kekaulike. When I heard it first, I was puzzled. There were some questions (questions were the indicator of memories replaying) whether this name existed or not!

I asked what did this name mean? “I have no idea! You have to look it up”.

Each Hawaiian name has its own meaning. My searches were not successful as I wished it would be. I found out that this name was used by royal people. The meaning of this name is “equality, equality of rights, proportionality”.

Despite my hard analysis I got the name that is cleaning and learned that Divinity is responding to my quests… Consciousness is still trying to understand!

I love you!

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