The Long- Expected Event Took Place!The story from Ksenia.

The most long expected and important event of several years took place on 29th-30th of October 2016 in Russia. “Self- Identity through Hooponopono” class. I was very happy that this class “chose” Russia. I was a lucky person, wasn’t I? Such a miracle had happened!

A year ago, I considered this event to be a pipe dream. Now I think of those weekends with warmth in my heart ))! I am so happy that a lot of  cleaning has come into my life. It was a very powerful event that zeroed me out. Now my relationship with my Inner Child (Unihipili) became  stronger. I noticed big changes in all areas of my life and the biggest miracle happened with my health.

According to the official medicine it is not possible to get where I am now. I am sorry but for privacy reasons I have to keep the diagnosis to myself, but I know these changes have happened due to cleaning and releasing tons of memories. Honestly, I am surprised by the instant results of the cleaning. Everything happened very quickly.

I am infinitely grateful to all who have participated in the arrangement of this class; who have came in order to make their cleaning in a circle of like minded people, from 15 countries around the world!

I am grateful to the Divinity and my Spiritual Team who have brought me into the world full of miracles and magic – Ho’oponopono World !!

I wish everybody Peace and Miracles beyond all understanding!



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