the famous and the farWhen people look at famous and well-known people they often don’t dare to approach and to say just hello. People look at them admirably, tenderly, some fans fall in love with them.

I am too watched the videos of Ihaleakala Hew Len before the seminar. I listened to his interview. I thought he was so far and unreal. In his and Joe Vitale book “Zero limits” he is really somewhat unreal.  Isn’t he?




The seminar changed my opinion about him.

I wanted to approach him with my question at the break. I prepared myself morally. When the time came, I started to shiver like a kitten in cold weather.

I was about to approach him first, but some woman ran to him right in front of me. Other students of the seminar started to get closer to him and within a second there was a huge line. Everyone wanted to speak with him. I became sad “oh, here is the chance and I blew it”. I started to get frustrated. There was only one thing left to do – so start my “I love you’s” and a miracle happened!

After a woman’s question, he turned to me! He approached me himself even though he saw the line.

I asked my question. He responded and I stopped shaking. After the conversation with him, I felt so relaxed that whole weekend I just wanted to peacefully and calmly sleep, sleep, sleep. I felt just like a loader after finishing heavy work.

Well after this I can say he is real, fun, calm and kind person. There is always love in his words. Cleaning for him is his life. He does not need either fame or money – he simply cleans. He says about IZI LLC seminars that people show up themselves if they want to know about Ho’oponopono. Advertizing does not take place. People find IZI website miraculous ways and each person has its own story. The most wide spread means is “from mouth to mouth”, as it was in the past when no one knew about the Internet. He says that it takes only one person to clean and everything happens the way it happens. The most wide-spread meaning is:

He does not present himself as a sample. There is no leader there who’s each and every word you have to catch and blindly follow. You and your relationship with the Divine is what counts.

I love you!


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