humanI go back to the topic about talking with things.

Once upon a time on my way back home, I was waiting for my husband at the bus stop. It was cold and the wind was freezing. I decided to go under the roof of the bus stop and hide from the wind.

I was repeating my sacred tools. Suddenly, I paid attention to the booth itself. How could I pass it by every day and not thank it?

I immediately started to talk to it. First I asked to forgive me for I had not noticed it for a long time. Then I thanked it for all that it does to humans: protects them from the rain and wind, always greeting people and never sends them away. Finally, I said that I loved it.

Not waiting for any response I simply continued to repeat “I love you” in my mind. It was evening, I had nothing to do…I did not hurry anywhere. The bus stop did not make me to wait for long for the response. Instead, I was shockingly surprised “You are a human!” I kept on cleaning. It repeated several times: “You are a human! You are a human!”

I don’t know what it wanted to say. I only learned from it that even a Bus Stop booth can be surprised just like people. It was amazed and glad at the same time that someone in the whole world for the first time talked to it.

As Hew Len says, each thing has its own Identity, own feelings and affections. This situation showed that they have emotions as well. Hew Len also says that we should ask for their names. I also think that for the next time I should get acquainted and introduce myself in proper manner. Haha!

I love you!

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