The Best MedicineStory from my friend.

After my  first Self I-dentity Through Ho’oponopono Class, I kept practicing Ho’oponopono: forgive, love, and say thank you day by day. I experienced depression for a long time. Moving forward with Ho’oponopono, I get the signs again and again: “Do not miss your problem! Do what you need to do!”

But the most important support I got on my way is the one that was said by one healer: “The best medicine is love and care”. Somebody asked him: “What if it can’t help?” The healer said: “Increase dosage!”

I took it into consideration and increased dosage of love to people irritating me. I increased dosage of gratitude for all the situations bothering me at work. I tried to forgive everybody and everything.

All of a sudden I began to see changes. When unpleasant situations concerning relationships happened, I asked myself: “What can I say thank you for to this person?” I really understood that there was nobody but me. Any person was the reflection of my features that I couldn’t accept in me. It was time to ask forgiveness for whatever is in me and fall in love with those memories. As a result I improved relationships with people!

My realization that it was ME who attack and behave aggressively but not the people around me.

You can congratulate me! Now I go to work without feeling any tension inside of me! On the top of that I started to get nice feedback – words of gratitude for the work and proposal to keep in touch in my correspondence with co-workers and head office.

Such result gives confidence and powers and encourages me to feel more gratitude. Big changes are coming at my work but they do not scare or disturb me. I know that everything will be in the best way for me. I became calmer and more confident.

Now looking back I realize that my depression and loss of powers was a result of my resistant and non acceptance of the memories that showed me what features of mine I should work on. I only needed to fall in love and accept all my features as the situation changes in a miraculous way. Well, I was assured that if it looks like that nothing happens while cleaning you should keep cleaning anyway – increasing dosage of love, gratitude and forgiveness!

Perhaps someday a difficult situation with people at my work will surface. I have a tool – Ho’oponopono – to fix it.


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