Swan, Cancer and PikeMany spiritual schools are talking about the Superconsiousness, Consciousness and Subconsciousness. In ho’oponopono those terms aren’t the exception.

My first Master degree is in Psychology which I received a long time ago. I wonder after those many years how they could spend that little time with students on that topic? I hope the university programs are up to date and at the moment everything is different.

There is a father (superconsciousness), a mother (consciousness) and a child (subconsciousness). Each member of the family has its function. The father has connection with the Divinity and watching over mother. The function of the mother is to teach the child.

The mother is you and me despite the gender. Yes, if you are a quiet guy you are a mother too to your child The function of the child is to let go of memories and to learn from mother how to do it. This baby keeps all the memories. It is said almost in every book.

Who believes in reincarnation can imagine how many times each of us has lived and how much we have taught our child willingly or unwillingly bad or good. Good memories, bad memories – all of them are memories. The task of the mother is to teach the child to do the cleaning. You can learn more about all the details at IZI seminars.

What if only mother cleans, does not talk or teach the child to do the same? Right… the child will just stare at you. The mother can do the cleaning for as long as she wants but she won’t move until without talking and working with the child. The child will keep on “thinking” that all is fine and will keep sitting in those memories. Mother can’t go without a child if she wants to release toxins of past lives.

That is why the communication with the child is very important. Otherwise, all will happen as in the fable “Swan, Cancer and Pike”. All will pull to opposite sides. The oneness and wholeness of inner family will be hardly achieved.

Let crayfish, swan and pike
Draw heavy loaded cart,
Each being just a part
Of harness they dislike.

They try a lot, and everyone
Starts pulling it with zeal;
The problem is that each of them
With his path wants to deal!

The swan makes upward for a cloud,
The crayfish falls behind;
The pike dives sharply in the deep,
And cart moves not from site.

The moral of the verse is that
Accordance should prevail
Amid the people who have plans
To work but not in vain.

I love you!

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