SupermanPeople have an overwhelming desire to help each other for centuries. We always know what’s good for your neighbor. Without asking permission we help with money and give advice. It seems to us that we take the person out of the swamp of human problems.

How come? – You may say – I have an impressive list of people with serious problems. I have to help. I should help everybody, I can help them! I am a Superman!

Stop! Stop! Stop!

There is only you in Hooponopono. You can’t experience something outside of yourself. You cannot be simultaneously inside several people’s bodies and minds. It is just you, your body, your emotions, and your experience.

There is no need to look for reasons somewhere because YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!

It is difficult for us to understand the Ho’oponopono process consciously, but I’ll try to explain.

If you run around and help all the people around you, you will be tired. When you are tired physically and mentally you cannot help anybody. You will burn out. Please consider to stop.

The good news is you do not have to go anywhere!

All the problems are in you. Yes, it is easy to say but difficult to understand when one of your friends is in the divorce process, the other one has a complex disease, the third friend has no money and no job, and the fourth one experiences depression. Only I know and use ho’oponopono. My friends do not know about it. How can I help to everyone simultaneously?

Morrnah used to say: “Work only on yourself”. If your friends and family come to you and speak about their problems, that means that the Divine shows you a big red flag –  Hello! There is a  problem and you keep it inside of yourself!!!! 

It turns out that if the person is ill and I feel fine, he is not well only due to the program/memory of a disease that is in my subconsciousness. Bingo!

So where should you go and help to? Help yourself.

In the book Zero Limits, Joe Vitale mentioned that Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len didn’t use the traditional therapy with his patients. He only watched files with personel matters and cleaned.

In one of the interviews with Hew Len, he said that it was even easier. He would show up to work and from outside it looked like he was working. Sometimes he took the files in his hands but never opened them. He actually didn’t need even files and piles of paper about those people. He went to work only to clean himself. Profound!

Hew Len was among the sick people. Did he go from one patient to another? Did he advise what to do and how to run their lives to these patients? No. Why did they feel better?

The answer is simple. He took 100% responsibility for everything that he saw and heard. It is not a secret; he used a lot of different Hooponopono Tools.

It is not important what tools you are using, they work over all your problems in your subconscious mind at the same time. And everything that is erased from you will be erased from everybody. We don’t need to be stressed, “oh!” I have to clean this or that. The Creator sees what to erase first and what to erase second. You don’t have to do this.

Unique? Fabulous? Yes.

Worry only about one thing – whether you are cleansing constantly or not!

I love you!

One thought on “Superman

  1. Namaste

    You are right when u say that creator knows what to erase first and what second. But since I am relatively only one month new to hooponopono and have been going some major issues in my life for so many years and now my parents poor health is also bothering me, I don’t know how to put everything in one prayer… Can u please help me…like should I say “I am sorry for whatever is replaying within me that is causing so many issues in my life…. thanku, I love you, thanku I love u” or something else.. could please suggest..and also I am using solar water and trying to connect with my inner child(which is new to me) but since it’s important like u told, I am trying my best, so let’s see..

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