Ask Angels and Creator about what worries you in the love area. The wisdom of Creator will allow to direct your cleansing for resolving of a tangled role and confusion. You may ask about:

· Uncertainty in love relationships

· Soul mate

· Dependence on relationships

· Heterosexual love

· Physical dissatisfaction

· Unrequited love

· A lost romanticism in a relationship

· The overestimated level in love

· Unsuccessful marriages

·  Correction of existing relationships

·  Hatred

If this session is an emergency, please contact support with your registration number via the contact page. On urgent situations it is possible to connect via Whatsapp and Viber. Ho’oponopono Miracles website and Kekalike does not guarantee anyone that cleansing will lead to specific desired results of the individual. All information is given for cleaning purposes only. Kekalike uses the Ho’oponopono process from the moment of your registration, during the session and one more week after the session to cut the ties.

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Length: 20 min

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