Cheerful  attitude and persistent in cleaning help Incha in her work. She is good at it, don’t you think?

Here is her story of dissolving the situation in her special, ironic  way.


Relationship At Work

«If you make pancakes and they came out not great, forget it! Fry dough balls!»

It is considered that people  meet at work by chance, but those who practicing Ho’oponopono know well that accidents are not accidents!

One day my colleague behave quite aggressively towards me and all of a sudden refused to make a job she needed to do. She was expressing her dissatisfaction. What could I do in this situation? Clean!

First of all I started my cleaning and used well known: I love you. Thank you. Time flied by but «pancakes» – the result I expected for that  person to change, didn’t move. Aggression and tension were hanging in the air. I kept on cleaning.

Then I remember Ihalekala’s words that every person in our life comes to us only for my cleaning and nothing else.  Being inspired by those words  I  continued  to fry my «dough balls».

Then I took my note and made a note that I took 100 % responsibility for my colleague’s behavior and asked question for myself: «What is going on in me that made my colleague talking to me nasty?».

I wasn’t sure after 8th  or 10th  «dough balls»  everything ended up in a positive way. She apologized for being aggressive.

While cleaning I contstantly kept in my mind the example of Dr. Hew Len’s cleaning. He was able to heal that part of him that showed  up in his life as mentally ill criminals. He did it only using Self I-Dentity Through Ho’oponopono.  I thought to myself that I am a bit lucky and my situation far easier than his. Ho’oponopono worked for me  much faster.

Here is the video of Hew Len:


Even if we don’t see desirable result right away– I should keep going with ho’oponopono and the Divinity wont’ let me wait long to correct my errors.

Peace begins With me!  


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