DURATION: 30 minutes
DATE: appointed after registration
TIME: appointed after registration

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This session helps to understand a long tormenting problem and looks at the small root, which leads to a deep start to the situation. Often the intellect needs to know, instead of feeling and trusting. Thanks to the information received from a past life, a new layer is opens up for the cleaning. We are made up of memories and 99% are from the past.

This session resembles the process of regression of memory, but unlike regression, you are not immersed in a state of hypnosis or meditation. Many people cannot relax enough for regression. In this session through, Kekalike does it much faster and easier. Angels and Spiritual Guides always know what needs to be passed onto you. Do you have a problem that started in one of your past lives? Do you want to figure this out? Sometimes a person needs to understand and realize what he missed, and perhaps it is you.

The “Ho’oponopono Miracles” website and Kekaulike site does not guarantee anyone that cleansing will lead to the specific desired results of the individual. Karma and the Creator must be the arbiters of each individual case and the information given during the session. Kekalike has been using the hooponopono process from the moment you register  and continues the process for another week after completion.









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