DURATION: 30 minutes
DATE: appointed after registration
TIME: appointed after registration

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The dream of living for your own pleasure pursues almost everyone. Of course, not everyone is a millionaire, because not everyone wants this. However, for some reason we are driving ourselves into a trap called debts and endless payment of bills. Watching “Money” will help you to connect with Kekalike with financial energy and ask about improving money affairs and possibly avoid future difficulties.

Give Money a chance to tell you why you have difficulties and how to regain or improve relations with them.
 You may find it helpful to inquire from Money Energy:

– Why do you have debts?
– How does Financial Energy feel about you?
– How to make Financial Flow turn towards you?
– Why are there no material achievements?

A session is just a great hint for choosing a direction.

The “Ho’oponopono Miracles” website and Kekaulike site does not guarantee anyone that cleansing will lead to the specific desired results of the individual. Karma and the Creator must be the arbiters of each individual case and the information given during the session. Kekalike has been using the hooponopono process from the moment you register  and continues the process for another week after completion.





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