DURATION: 30 minutes

DATE: appointed after registration
TIME: appointed after registration

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This session can help to open up the curtain and “see” the invisible world the problems (situations) with your business. It doesn’t matter whether you own your business or are an employee, you can always consider these issues:

The identity of your business. Business logo. Recommendations from your business. Business identification. The root of the business problem. The desires of your business. New projects that your business is ready for. Clarification of the cause of the stopper, delays in payment, or instability. The correctness of your financial investment.

The invisible spirit world is always open for tips, thanks to which you can avoid many difficulties in ongoing business projects. The creator is your best partner, friend and adviser. The path that can always be adjusted and corrected. This session will allow you to take a different look at your life circumstances, difficulties, problems, and illnesses. You will receive answers and continue your journey filled with inspiration.

The “Ho’oponopono Miracles” website and Kekaulike site does not guarantee anyone that cleansing will lead to the specific desired results of the individual. Karma and the Creator must be the arbiters of each individual case and the information given during the session. Kekalike has been using the hooponopono process from the moment you register  and continues the process for another week after completion.



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