Ho’oponopono toolsMy long expected vacation week has come. I spent it on the island of Jamaica, in the Caribbean sea. A tropic heaven full of beauty and grace. 

I put in my suitcase the Ho’oponopono tools besides my clothes.

On some interviews Ihaleakala Hew Len mentioned that he talked to a plane. He cleaned and thanked the plane. The plane started to complain that no one thanked it for its service. Then the plane asked Hew Len what he was reading. Hew Len offered the plane a book, told it about ho’oponopono and it turned out that the plane did not accept the idea seriously …As people do!

Remembering that planes also need love and gratitude, I had started to clean the route, particularly planes, long before launching the trip. Surely I knew which air company would take me there. I talked to the company, talked to the plane.

We had to take two planes to go there. I saw in my minds eyes that the first plane will deliver us with no problem.

While in the waiting area expecting for airport staff to call us on board, I saw the plane that we had to go into. I realized that it was the plane I was talking for several weeks. Once I got that suddenly it responded to me interrupting my stream of thoughts:“Is that you?” Seems it was surprised to see me there.

We did not get into any turbulent zone during the flight. The flight passed smoothly and calmly. My inner child did his best and made me sleep. So the flight seemed to last only 30 minutes. Everything happened the way I was shown.

Thank you, plane!

I love you!   

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