“What happens around happens in you” – repeats Doctor Hew Len. –  “There is nothing outside of yourself. Our reactions are the scariest enemies of us.”

At the very beginning of my Ho’oponopono path I did not suspect that it might work so quick and effectively.

One of my husband’s friends, who strongly offended me once, visited one night at our place. I didn’t want to be in the presence of that person. I wasn’t comfortable. I found an excuse to go for the groceries and rushed out of the house as fast as possible. I was afraid that my offence would speak out and would painfully hit my offender. I did not want to let this happen and did what I thought would be best – leave.

I spend nearly an hour at the store. Within an hour I was constantly repeating “I love you. Please forgive me”. The story of how he offended me was playing in my head over and over again. “I love you my offence”. In my mind I wanted to yell at my offender and just put him down. How bad I wanted to make him feel bad but kept yelling instead “I love you” with anger. If I would follow the old way of doing things I am sure I would get into a similar situation when someone would be offending me again. At the end those are only memories and how hard it is to remind myself in the midst of anger.

I was done with shopping and had to get home. I couldn’t avoid that person my whole life. I love you, I love you, I love you I repeated with each of my steps.

I came home. I saw the person. I didn’t believe myself. I didn’t feel a thing! Offence vanished. Offender didn’t look like offender to me. Pleasant person and nothing more! My mood got better and I invited everyone to drink tea with apple pie.

Divine creator not only prevented me from creating an uncomfortable situation but erased it from me. What a gift!

It was strange to feel that the emotion I hung onto for some time wasn’t even there. I remembered the situation but didn’t remember the anger about it.

We react to the memories of offence in us. The human who has offended you is perfect and ideal. He has nothing to do with the situation.

Stay cool. I love you!

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