My Main TaskWho does not want to be healthy? When you have a pain you are not able to enjoy life with all its beauty. Health can’t be neither bought nor given. You can just clean with your health issues doing Ho’oponopono.

Most people have their own health issues. Unfortunately I am not an exception and I found myself captured by an insidious disease.

If only I could give my problem to the doctor, I would give it out and let the doctor cure me, it’s his job. He would give me a magic pill. I’ll eat it and… Stop! Stop! Stop! Here the memory came up – shifting the responsibility for my recovery to the doctor.

Great Avicenna (outstanding Central Asian scholar, philosopher and physician) said to his patients that we talk about triunity: I, you and your disease. 

The Patient had to choose which one. The one we choose – the winner. As for me I choose Creator.

Going forward: “Oh, how sad I am! How sick I feel! Why should I suffer like this?”  Well, it’s just memories of disease come up. Who knows what have you experience  in your past lives.

There are a lot of reasons for being sick as we can see. The basis of this is only the chance to take responsibility for whatever is going on inside you and for your life. How bad you feel sometimes. It seems that nothing changes. You just want give up  and let suffer. It comes to my mind from time to time: “ Somebody could treat cancer and what about me? I am not capable to get rid of chronic rhinitis…” Here is again a choice: to surrender to depression, melancholy, continue to revel in your grief or Clean. Clean! Clean!


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