New insights at work.From Incha

My CallingAt first glance a very serious situation happened at my work. It threatened writing an explanatory report at least. My supervisor identified an error in my subordinate’s work. I did not remove the guilt from myself as the control of the employees’ work was one of my duties. Thanks to the Creator, HE did not let me lose my self-control so I was able to accept 100% responsibility for the situation.

Every morning I read Morrnah’s prayer “I” am the “I”. I go to work saying Ho’oponopono tools in my head. During the day I apply different cleaning tools. So when this situation happened, of course, I wasn’t happy but truly took it as a chance to clean those memories that caused the employee’s error.

As soon as I began to use Ho’oponopono tools to this situation, everything was resolved for the best. We found the documents that easily proved why an employee made that error. So the trouble was easily resolved.

Once again I had a chance to make a choice. I didn’t rush to judgment “good – bad”, “guilty – not guilty”, “fair – not fair,” “sacrifice – attacking” … I chose cleaning.

I am grateful to the Creator for allowing me to see the result of applying Ho’oponopono tools and his work of cleaning my memories almost instantly.

It doesn’t mean that I won’t have problems anymore but when I am in the cleaning process, every moment of my life makes me get closer to the the Creator. If I am true to my path – do my part in cleaning, applying Ho’oponopono tools, than the Creator will do his part – clear away my memories.

Life transforms in miraculous ways, changing life’s colors. Inspiration, joy, beauty, abundance come into my life. The Creator is constantly ready to give me all this out of his hands.

If what you do what you do for 24 hours a day without asking money for your work, then this is your calling – the meaning of life! I can assume that I found my calling. I like to use Ho’oponopono tools 24 hours a day and I’m happy to do it for free, and everywhere: at home, on seeing somebody, at work, on vacation … I am happy  to have  “further education courses” in this  area –  IZI LLC Classes!

Thank you!


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