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Money Like Pegeons…

Money Like PegeonsThere are a lot of sayings and proverbs about money that were made by people in order to justify their program of lack of money:

“Money is the root of all evil”, “Poverty is no sin”, “A friend in court is better than a penny in purse”.

These proverbs are used to excuse empty pockets by most of the people. I am not an exception either.

The strongest memory of poverty still prevails over my Consciousness and Subconsciousness. It turnes out that we can’t  drive a luxury car, drink exotic cocktails on the sunny beath, wear designer clothes because of bad relationship with  Unihipily of Money!

At the Personal Session with Keakaulike, I learned that money has taken offense with me. No wonder some time ago I had a lot of bank loans and my money didn’t like to be taken that way. Oh, if only  I knew that. Who knows how I treated  money in my past lives. I am sure there is a long story to it, but now I have a chance to make amends and clean my money situation.

After the personal session, I woke up and became aware! Thanks to her gift of seeing and hearing the spirit world, Keukalike  was able to  bring to me in simple words what money feels, what  it  looks  like, what attitude it needs toward itself and  even how I could make peace with it. I experienced all the pain and offenses of money. I felt how much love and protection it needs. Money needs us as well as we need money! They need love as we humans need love. Now I know what should I pay attention to in my cleaning. I believe that everything will be fine!

Ho’oponopono helps me to become friends and to get better in my relationships with money! Every day I talk to them, ask forgiveness for whatever I did.

Only now thanks to Ho’oponopono, I started to get wealth moments without hard painful physical and emotional efforts. My conscious mind sees light in financial area of my life. There is a proverb about money:

“Money are like pigeons. They will live where it feels like at home, will live there where it feels at home”.  I want them to feel at my heart just like at home.

Good relationships with money is the key to our financial well-being. I know I am getting there.


3 thoughts on “Money Like Pegeons…

  1. Aloha Cecilia, gracias por la oportunidad de limpiar.
    Puedes aprender el proceso completo de Auto I-Dentidad a través de Ho’oponopono y sus aplicaciones en cualquiera de las clases patrocinadas por IZI LLC. Puedes ver el cronograma de clases en
    Te deseo paz mas allá de toda comprensión.
    La Paz del Yo.
    Patrícia Buchhalter

    Aloha Cecilia, thank you for the opportunity to clean.
    You can learn the complete process of Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono and its applications in any of the classes sponsored by IZI LLC. You can see the class schedule at
    I wish you peace beyond all understanding.
    The Peace of I
    Patrícia Buchhalter

  2. Muchas gracias por compartir esta información que muchos no conocíamos. Por favor díganme como limpiar con el dinero. Se le habla directamente en voz alta o en silencio. Favor de compartirnos el proceso. Mil gracias gracias gracias

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