Mom, I Talked To God Today!This lovely story from Kate.

The phone rang. I took the call and heard the enthusiastic voice of my son on the phone: “Mom, I talked to God Today!”

I raised my hand to my chin instinctively to keep my opening mouth to not fall off. My son continued: “You cannot believe me! But that’s the truth! I saw him with my eyes and even talked to…”

At that moment I was in the supermarket. It was so noisy there so we had to put off our conversation. Oh! That household routine, sudden fatigue… And we continued this amazing conversation with my son only on the next day.

–  Mom, it was God! I know it for sure! I felt!

–  My dear son, how it could be possible?

–  He wore usual clothes. But he had such a face! He had such a beard! He had such hair! He told me so many things! He is a bus driver…  

After all I had my mouth opened.

–  Mom, I told him that I would love to be an inventor and make my name famous. He praised me but explained that the purpose to make my name famous was good of course but old. He said that I should found myself and develop my ability. I should also exercise my physical body and take care of it in order to live without disease.

I couldn’t keep silent anymore.

– Wait for a moment. Did you talk to the bus driver?!

–  Well, I often talk to the drivers. They are interesting and kind people.

I had nothing to say anymore. I listened to and absorbed with every cell of my body what my son said. I saw that this God-driver inspired in my boy an interest to self-knowledge and a wish to work on himself.

We never know when and through whom God is talking to us. But today, unconsciously, my son was God for me.Did you talk to God today?



One thought on “Mom, I Talked To God Today!

  1. Im sorry.
    Please, forgive me.
    Thank you, for truly listening.
    I love you, all of you.

    I choose to live inspired.
    Driven NOT, by memory.
    But ushered by the Divine.

    I come forth, from the darkness into the Void.
    Father, mother, son.
    As one we join hands,
    Completing the Divine Circle of infinite LOVE.

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