From the continuation of the article “Illusion or Reality.”:

This article is also written many years ago. While I am translating it for you, joy overflows me. Enjoy!

After the ending of the seminar, walking along the hall of the hotel, one girl stops me and begins to speak in Russian. It turns out she was a student at the same seminar I attended! Small world! Irina kindly agreed to give me an interview.

How did you get across to Ho’oponopono? How did you decide to go to the seminar?

I learned Ho’oponopono from the books and consider it as a next step in my self understanding and realizing what an amazing strength each of us has!

The main hero of the book, besides Joe himself, was Dr. Hew Len, who is also a co-author of this book. The book describes a history of this amazing man and the miracles that he creates continuously using the process of Ho’oponopono. Obviously, a desire to learn as much as possible, more precisely, deeper about this amazing process has appeared.
The process to search for information through the Internet began. I have been doing self development not so long ago, only 5 years. During this time I got acquainted with different methods, some of which I successfully apply now and see incredible results. For me Ho’oponopono is a simple concept of the system of the world at the same time and real tools of self understanding and your strength are given. If I talk about what attracted me to Ho’oponopono … So this is the ancient simplicity and very interesting tools … Generally, I wanted to “extract” more information 🙂
Living in the US and knowing that Dr. Hew Len still practices I wanted to get acquainted with this amazing person and personally get more Ho’oponopono tools. I decided to find information about his seminars. Thus the information about the seminar came to me.
It took me 2 weeks before I got my desire to go to the class with Ihaelakala Hew Len. Also taking into account that I am constantly traveling in different states (due to my husband’s work). It was LUCK to get to the seminar of Dr. Hew Len exactly at the time when my husband work is organized in Las Vegas!
More precisely… At the right time and in the right place. I am feeling a great sense of Gratitude to my World for it!
I started to apply Ho’oponopono just 4 months ago. The result of that was more complete harmony with the world around me and a sense of joy… that everything works smoother! Moreover, a deep feeling of gratitude to everything that surrounds me appeared inside. A wonderful sense! Thank you Hooponopono! 🙂

Your impression about Dr. Hew Len.
Dr. Hew Len is truly a brave, open, simple, responsive and kind person, who clearly realizes WHAT he practices and relentlessly follows a lifestyle that is called “Ho’oponopono”.

First time, listening to his interview with Rita Mongomery and Rick Moss (by the way, I think this interview is very useful because generally it gives almost complete picture of Hooponopono teachings), it seemed to me that sometimes answering questions he behaves arrogantly and somehow rudely…

However, then, I realized that under this, there is only my hidden perception, my memory which can and should be deleted. And after “cleansing” you do not believe me, but I began to perceive him completely differently! That is how my cleansing worked 🙂

At the seminar in Las Vegas, I spent 2 wonderful days surrounded by his marvelous, revitalizing and truly impressive charisma, that pushes you to deeper learning about yourself, your personal Power and the Power of Love that transforms impossible! Thank you, Dr. Hew Len and all participants and organizers of the seminar!

Have you had Ho’oponopono miracles in your life? If yes, tell me about the brightest one.

In my opinion, one of the miracles that has happened recently I described above, about how I met Dr. Hew Len.

Also, the Miracle happened literally before my trip to the Ho’oponopo seminar, my friend sent me a link to Kekaulike`s Miracle Blog and two days later I personally met this amazing girl! This meeting brought me a pleasant experience! Thank you, Kekaulike, for being there and for your Miracle Blog!

Miracles in my life happen all the time, as a few years ago I learned to use the power of Love and in each situation, whatever “negative” it seemed at first glance, I try to notice only the positive… and only remains to wonder how wonderfully your world reacts to this and how marvelously events move in your favor. This is truly a miracle!

Now I learned new things about Ho’oponopono and will be applying new concept to life. Since I am a beginner in Ho’oponopono I will be interested to observe the results of its use. I am sure this will be a great adventure for me. I wish you to achieve full confidence in your Personal Power!

With all my love to you,
Alohilohi 🙂

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