w1Once, a man asked Morrnah, a person who created Self I-Dentity Ho’oponopono: “Can I marry this girl?” Morrnah said that he could.

A few years later, he had been already divorced and came again to  Morrnah: “You have said that I can get married. See how it turned out!” And she said: “Have you been cleaning?”

All the people that we consider our second halves are the most necessary and important people! We share a lot of memories with them!

In my opinion, this is a great idea. You live with someone,  look at him like in the mirror and work on yourself. Did you ever feel irritation or resentment in family life? A person you love just pushes the buttons to show what you need to let go.

So I have a thought, did God create us so that we were not pleased with each other? No. There is one answer –  something happened once that we have implemented a memory of pain and resentment in a relationship with a loved one.

Long ago, I heard one phrase  “If you love a person – let him go, if he is yours, then he’ll be back.” It is real  Ho’oponopono words!

It is happen that in the troubled relationship, one or both are trying to save, to keep the relationship. It is a good thing, if both partners have a desire to do so. What happen when one tries and another doesn’t? Hmm… The situation is complicated.

According to Hooponopono it is a memory of attachment. We all know that it is very painful when one does not care for relationships.

In the situations like ” love or hate» it is very hard to keep one’s mouth shut and not to provoke conflict. It would be certainly better to keep it shut. And the best of all would be to talk to a person when he’s sleeping. Yes, it is better to tell a person everything when his conscious mind is sleeping. We know that  consciousness will start to argue or fight. The subconscious mind  is our Inner Child. We will talk to the Inner Child of the person we love.

I would say to the Inner Child, of my husband, for example, that I  love him,that I’m glad he’s in my life.  I thank him for all that he does for me and just grateful for  he is . The main thing is  to do it regularly.

From my experience, the relationship becomes much better and are full of love and understanding. I think this is the wonderful way to resolve conflicts and complex relationship.

And in the circumstances “to be or not to be together,” it would be better to do Hooponopono cleaning and do not expect anything. Everything will be fine for you and your partner.

I love you.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Loving Relationship

  1. I love him but I must let him go… he prefers men… it makes me suffer, but what can I do ! I just wonder why I have attracked this man… I feel so empty. What a big memory ! I love you

  2. What if in my case that something happened and I left. I cant talk to him when he is sleeping anymore!
    I just do Hooponopono.. anything else that I can do?

    Thank you, I love you

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