image j copyHere is the article from my friend Julia.

Three years ago I and my husband were under the pressure of finding the perfect Primary School for our daughter. What is a perfect school for her? That meant that the school must be prestige, with highly qualified teachers, with preferably low price and …. We wanted 1000 «must be» from our new perfect school.

We visited school after school and answers of principles made us down. The enrolling  already  finished. Children who graduated from their preschools were in priority list. “There is competition base in our school… we can hardly help you in anyway. Please try to enroll next year…”- said teacher.

Next year!? What are they talking about?! Our child is 7 already!

Our daughter suddenly exclaimed : «Mom and Dad! Stop it immediately! Let God do everything!»  Me and my husband  gave a look at each other and realized that we forgot about Divinity, about His fair ability to resolving all our concerns and issues!

The mind kept saying: Well, Divinity can solve the problems… And what about us? Maybe I have to do something  like searching….., worrying….., talking to people? How can school find us by itself?

All of a sudden that night our daughter  got fever. She got asleep and was whispering in a dream: «You should let it go… let it go… let it go…»

That was her protest for our strong desire to find school by no means. That was her protest for our less faith to Divinity. That was push button for me to clean.

In the morning our child had no sign of fever from last night! She was fine! And we, her parents, gave up the idea of finding a perfect school according to our desire.

Everything I was doing then I said: «Creator, I don’t  know what kind of school would be correct for my child. I don’ t know whether my daughter should go to school this year or not… Let it be Your Will!» I  talked to school: «Dear school for my daughter, I don’t know who are you, I don’t know where are you, I just love you and thank you!»

No matter how I concern about any situation in my life everything is in Divinity’s hands. Only Creator knows about all my needs, only He can take care of me in His perfect way. Only thanks to Creator I and my family will have everything that we need every moment of our lives.

For now my daughter has her perfect school for her.

Thank you!

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  1. Impresionante todo este bendito material, me entusiasma y quiero aprender, todo sobre la “Limpieza”, tengo dificultades económicas muy grandes; y, quiero aprender como (Limpiarme en esta situación), darle una respuesta sana y cierta a mis acreedores, para llegar a una solución perfecta y correcta, desde luego llevado siempre de la mano de La Divinidad. Gracias de ante mano por sus respuestas.

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