Once again I am convinced that it is necessary to listen to the words of those people who have been practicing Ho’oponopono for years.

Morrnah used to say that it is possible to clean before you go somewhere. After you do Ho’oponopono you hear the Divine inspiration and all you need to do is to follow it.

In my case before a trip to Russia, I was completely exhausted. Every day I cleaned myself from the moment I wake up and before falling asleep. I noticed that sometimes it is worth it to cleanse on something particular. Then you can get that ‘the very result’. And again this is my experience. You will have your own.

This time I couldn’t clean on anything. I couldn’t pull myself together. I had very disbalanced thoughts inside my head. Usually, I immediately notice such things and begin to start the cleaning. This time I observed but I did not pay that much attention. Unfortunately…

You will not believe it, but when I arrived, all my friends and their families, – all of them had problems with their eyes. Some had big trouble. Some minor. Literally, upon my arrival many went to the hospital, they were revealed with complex diagnosis.

Could this be avoided? Rather yes, than no, if I took 100% responsibility.

Yes, I do not have problems with eyes, but people around me have. What does it mean? The program from my subconscious is showing me movies: look, this is inside you. And how do you feel, when they tell you about their pain? Does it hurt you? Of course, because it all happens with people dear to your heart.

To tell the long story short, since I was in such situation at that moment – it means this is in me, everything inside me.

It is easy to start solving the problem – clean memories inside yourself. It will be erased from me and from them. The disease will be erased from them only after it has been erased from me. Not other way around. The disease cannot exist without memory. It is impossible.

So before you plan anything, it’s better to do Ho’oponopono process long before.

I love you!


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