rainbowIn Ho’oponopono, there is a concept about the zero. This state is in second but familiar to those who practice on daily basis. Zero state – no thoughts, no judgments, no bad, no good. Joe Vitale wrote in his book “Zero Limits” that staying at zero, everything is possible.

A remarkable example of being in the moment of Zero where everything is possible is Michael Shane. He was born with the special gift while being at zero state to “spit” out of his mouth sapphires, emeralds, gold spoons, rings, coins, and so on. His phenomenon was studied long and tediously, but scientists have not managed to scan how it happens.

They examined him and thought at first that he is hiding objects, like a magician. On an interview, Michael explains his condition only as Zero and says that he works with Teachers – those who have lived before on the physical plane and reached enlightenment, another words accented masters. Among them Buddha, Jesus, and many others. What is going on with him breaking all the valid laws of physics? Who does that? Michael says God.

When I saw this video, the first thought I had an absolutely down to earth, “Oh, He can open a jewelry shop!” However, as you will see for yourself he gives gems to people who came to see presentation how he does “spit” objects alive. Each item comes with the message for the individual. For example, a woman he gave a ring received from the Enlightened “Thank you for what you’re doing.”

His first stone came out when he was 7. It was an 88-carat sapphire.

When we clean our worries, we come to that Zero state when sapphires are not that important, but closeness to the Creator and peace of mind – the main reward.

Watch the video for yourself. The video is live performance as they say. Everything is possible at Zero!


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