Jesus-150x150This story from Juliya.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” (John 1:1)

The Easter Week has begun. What a beautiful time of forgiveness and acceptance that is able to bring love and light all over the world. As much as in Ho’oponopono which is based on the  same concepts.

These days I’d like to share a story that happened to me not so far ago.

There is a “Sacred Heart of Jesus” Church in the place we are living. I love to be there, my heart fills with peace and love as if I really get into loving  heart of Jesus. My Unihipily happy to join me and we experience harmony and blissfulness together.

One day I, my husband and my daughter came to this Church late at night. And after being in this sacral place for some time we found out that the gate of the Church was closed. Walking all around the area of the Church we discovered that there was nobody inside. We were alone, locked in the big Church with a lot of constructions in the center of the huge city. 

Night was coming and it got cool. My husband and I became anxious on how we would stay in here all night… we had a child with us. As it turned out, the light was off throughout all the area of the Church. A nice perspective to spend night in the darkness and cold with no water, isn’t it?

If only I could remember every moment that everything happened in my life was for a reason. Ho’oponopono cleaning helped me to remind me of this fact … not immediately. So, I realized I had no other way out but to trust and to be opened to what happened to me in that moment.

My husband and daughter were in search of any backdoor outside. As for me, I came into the Church and kept doing my cleaning. I began to talk to Jesus about his life, about his faith. Tears started down my eyes and I felt an amazing warmth and protection that time stopped for me.

After a while, I came outside and saw that the guardian was walking into the gate. He came to take some of his stuff and he left. As he told us he usually went home till midnight and then back to stay in the Church till morning. So we were lucky to get back home long before midnight.

What is this story about? For me, it is about a precious gift of being in a state of oneness with the Divinity and with myself that I got that moment as I stayed with my cleaning.

What is Easter about? It is about blessing moments of oneness with God and Love. I wish you being in this state each moment of your life. Let God bring Light  and Happiness into your life through Ho’oponopono cleaning.

Happy Easter week, dear  Ho’oponopono friends!

Thank you!

One thought on “In the Sacred Heart of Jesus

  1. Hooponopono is a wonderful practice of cleaning the memories and programs stored in our sub consious mind.
    I’m using it for the last two months only. Tears starts rolling down my cheeks as soon as I start doing it. I have received
    financial assistance when it was least expected. I’m really very grateful to this practice and the divine in me . It has given
    new meaning to my life .

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