This article I wrote many years ago for Russian site, but I want to share it with you today, because it is still relevant to this day miracles.

Illusion or Reality

Next week another meeting for me with the legendary Hew Len! Hooray! Now he is retired and teaches very rarely.

When I saw that this year the class would be organized in Las Vegas – it was clear for me – to go! And … to go means to fly… 6 hours on the plane … I wanted to go. I am a big fan of Ho’oponopono and want to feel the cleaning deeper.

Many people, especially in the beginning, do not trust the process of cleansing (purification). Someone thinks, “It cannot be so beautiful, as Joe Vitale described“.

Joe is an excellent author and a virtuoso of the word. This is his job to talk about it beautifully! Thanks to Joe Vitale, the world discovered Ho’oponopono and I am grateful for the opportunity that he provided for all.

The theory of Ho’oponopono is important and it is connected with understanding at the same time. Everyone wants to understand, catch and think in a certain way about Ho’oponopono. But! It is not possible neither to understand nor to feel it – until you practice it. How do you know how wine tastes like if you have never tried it? Doesn’t matter how well somebody describes you the taste of it. You will get it once you try it.

I’m a practicioner and use the process daily for several years now. It works for me 100% truly. How Divinity can’t help to its child if the child works? It always works! Miracles happening in my life. Maybe I should call them “results” but I prefer to use “miracles”. My blog is the evidence of Ho’oponopono work. Nothing made up or created. Just writing as is. The only thing you need to know is to cleanse without expectations. Then the doubts will disappear. When you see things change in spiritual realm, your aura, destiny – you don’t need the evidence. I just see it happen for me and for others.

Those who continue to think that Ho’oponopono:

– Makes wishes come true

– Teaches to set goals and achieve them

– Teaches to dream and imagine that you have already lived as in your dream (as in the film “The Secret”)

They are deeply mistaken!

Cleansing, we “pay” our “loan” (just like in the bank), which we have saved with interest by using Ho’oponopono processes. You do the process – we pay our debts! What could be better? You are given one more chance!

We are freeing ourselves up from karmic accumulation even without thinking about it. It’s so great to see and notice the world! Instead of rushing and seeing nothing…

What am I going to say?

This article was inspired by one of my readers from Anna Sheremeyeva. She wrote me an email. I share it below with you with her permission:

“I want to share with you the change, which happened today thanks to your Miracle Blog. Change occurred in my perception and thoughts. “Since the moment I acquainted with the Hooponopono method, an anxiety did not leave me when conversations was related to “miracles”. It is wonderful, when everything is organic, and situations that inspire you happen, but for me it was important that this is not one of the techniques that create an illusory reality where wishes come true, when the destiny collapses at the deep soul levels and karmic debts are created for all these fulfilled desires. Beyond that, I was absolutely no doubt that Ho’oponopono works. I think the feeling that this is the next new-age technique was occurred precisely thanks to Joe Vitale: a constant demonstration of wonders examples. So, I want to express my gratitude for clarity, clarification of doubts and frustration. It is very important to me. Thank you for everything!

I am glad that my Miracle Blog is helping someone. Thank you, Blog! I was happy that someone shared results or miracles that happen inside the person. Thank you.

Send your Hooponopono Miracles through the contact form, I will post them. Perhaps your miracle will support and inspire someone to change their life through cleansing.

I love you!

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