I Do Not Let You GoThe relationship is the most difficult part. No wonder. People are different. Each of us has their own personality. If there is no good relationship – there is no mutual understanding and peace. 

There are ups and downs in any relationship. Hot passion sometimes goes into indifference, and then re-gaining momentum. What to do if you really want to be with someone and her/his behavior is unclear to you. It doesn’t seem that person holds you but at the same time doesn’t let you go? You can’t keep yourself stuck. We must let go although sometimes it is a painful process. Otherwise there is no order in your life. Just to hang there is not fun at all.

Furthermore, you have an increasing desire to be with this “uncertain” significant one and your heart is still can’t find peace and tranquility.

It’s easy to see the situation outside yourself. You want to say, “This is he (she) behaves this way, it is he (she) hurts me. BUT! BUT! BUT! Big BUT! There is nothing outside of you. Your relationships exist only in your mind. This is your memory determines the development of relations.

Why go to the object of love with a white flag in your hands to negotiate terms and conditions on the further development of your relationship? It makes no sense. The offer “Let’s talk” – it’s a waste of time and energy, throwing words to the wind. Why do you need to find out where our relationship and what to do next? Usually this does not lead to the final solution among two people.

Let’s look at the situation through the Ho’oponopono. This is not a partner indefinite – it is you. * This is not a partner who is not holding and at the same time do not let you go – it is you. 

Memory within us plays this unpleasant situation, and we are offended on ourselves for such behavior. Your partner is a mirror image of you. It is so common to hear “It is him/her. It is not my fault!”

Yes, I get it. That is a hard concept to understand. We often want to stand back and throw all the blame on the other person. In such situations in ho’oponopono, a banal answer can be heard – cleansing, cleansing, cleansing.

We do not know who is the right and perfect partner for you. Only The Creator knows. Then why hold the person and tie his/her arms and legs with a big bow? As brutal as it may sound, we often stand in His way and do not let ourselves to stop the suffering from the unhappy relationship.

When everything is perfect and right according to the Divine plan you don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to fight for the mate. You don’t have to kill. You don’t have to suffer. Everything comes with ease and you walk on a finished beautiful road that is designed only for you! It all shines with the light. You don’t have to figure out anything. You will love what God has in store for you. Just clean and see it happening.

One thought on “I Do Not Let You Go

  1. Since the mate is my mirror showing me that this is an opportunity to clean. Then it’s time for me to clean the memory. Every mate I date is going to come into my life for me to clean and be 100% responsible.

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