I didn't even expectedStory from Incha.

Over the weekend, I watched a TV show where the host tended to use phrases that were in the spirit of Ho’oponopono:

“When you practice something you seem not to do anything significant and it turned out that you do a lot of important things.” Exactly! Before making some important tasks, I do Ho’oponopono, things seem to solve themselves – quickly and easily.

“You do not have time to do more than life decides for you.” That’s it!!! It has been noticed many times that we cannot jump over our own head no matter how we strain ourselves. Only the Creator knows what is better for you. Every time I learn to trust the Creator.

“If Love is in the first place, then everything will settle itself on its own.” But I would say: “If CLEANING is in the first place, then everything will be on its own.

For example I was waiting for my son’s call on Mother’s Day. I was about to call him first and asked if he was going to wish me Happy Mother’s Day.  But bearing in mind that everything is in me, without any expectations, I kept on cleaning and didn’t bother to make a call. It took less than an hour and finally I heard a ring. He even proposed him coming and spending evening with me to celebrate! Thank you, Ho’oponopono for this gift that I did not even expect!

Piece begins with me!


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