5 thoughts on “I Can Hear His Voice

  1. Ho oponopono heals
    Since I came to know of this beautiful healing and cleaning tool, I have been using it.
    Also spreading the word everywhere, sharing Dr. Hew Len’s practical application of the tool so that people may heal and clean themselves and more and more people take responsibility.

  2. My life is in a mess. I have massive money problem. A friend borrowed a very large amount …my life savings. but is not returning it now. I am fed up of false promises of return. I have been adviced now and again to file a police complain.I want to avoid it. There is already so much of negetivity. Please help, tell me what to do.
    Thank you.

  3. My name is Jack and I have reached out before. I’ve been going through major manic episodes (I call them duality pendulum swings light/dark) and I believe it to be from ptsd, childhood, adhd, and/or football.
    I linked up with an oxygen system company out in Colorado called LiveO2. I started a movement called OXE1 which turned out to be just an ego-trip but it taught me alot… Finding out life is a dream is something else.. (Facebook.com/oxe4u) After everything I linked up directly from a direct who is mentored by a couple named Bob & Linda Proctor through a MLM company I’m in called ZIJA. Odd because I love “The Secret”. I was introduced to Ho’ponopono from there and have been trying everything but it which is my mistake. I have been struggling with major depression, low drive, and wondering if it is tied to possible autism in me. I want to heal completely myself and those around me. Thank you for this website. Please respond if you see this.

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