The planes are alive and, as shown by practice, very talkative! I fly often and before each flight, I include the flight into my cleaning much in advance. I also love to talk to planes, while waiting for my flight. What else to do while waiting?
This time the trip to the Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono class hasn’t escaped from the conversation, but this time it was initiated from the plane side!
I flew to Ho’oponopono seminar with a transfer. I had to jump from one plane to another and quick. Between the flights I had only 30 minutes, but later it turned out that I had even 10.
I got in to the first plane. I thank it for taking us where we need to go. I say I am grateful for providing such wonderful service. I tell him how much I appreciate that it does for me and for everyone on the plane. I apologize that I didn’t talk to it before.
I sat on my seat and started cleaning. I say the tools mentally. Did I say that I am clairvoyant and clairaudient from the birth? It means I see spirit realms and hear it. Well… Suddenly, there is a knock – Knock! Knock! I hear the plane says – “ you are so amazing! “. Am I? Amazing? – I hear myself asking back. The analysis activated immediately. I am asking: “Airplane, is this you?“ He says – “Yes! You are so magnificent!”
Wow! I am magnificent! The plane turned out to be flirting with me. He sprinkled a couple more compliments on me. Well, perfect! I was complimented! No other human said anything to me. At least the plane made my day:)
Furthermore, I sat and felt that my fear and anxiety came up regarding the catching of the next plane. What if I won’t be on time? I’m sitting as if on needles! I apologize for the plane for “polluting his energy with my negative waves”. Hm…I need to talk to connecting flight now.
After the use of Ho’oponopono tools, I calmed down. The fear of being late has vanished away. Now – I am in peace and calmness, and I can talk to my second plane.
Dear Plane! I am concerned that I am not going to make the flight on time. I don’t know the layout of the airport and that I may spend extra precious minutes to look for the gate. The plane calmed me down: “I am waiting for you …”

And it happened! Really definitely had to run like crazy. As soon as I got in through the gate of the plane – the doors closed. The plane kept its promise.

I love you!

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