I am new to ho'oponoponoMore and more I get emails from people who have just introduced to Ho’oponopono. Most of the emails report a super positive mood, euphoria and feelings of joy. And then … someone wrote that he began to feel sick, another wrote the life crisis began in all areas. Someone has to cope with tearfulness and negativity in life. Everyone has their own way of perceiving the ho’oponopono.

I want to say: Hey! Guys! We are all very different. We are like snowflakes – no stamp manufacturing production! There is no one looks like you! God created us all and gave each of us its unique qualities and abilities. God’s creativity goes beyond our comprehension. Why create sameness? Therefore, each of us has its own process of ho’oponopono that is unique to you.

I am truly happy for those who write that no negativity was observed in the beginning. Peace and calmness were present right away. What about those who felt as they dipped into negativity? I’m happy for you too!

My cleaning with Ho’oponopono by no means can’t be called smooth. Having started practicing, I immediately received the punch in the face. I experienced a terrible depression. I was going down and down every day.  No happiness, no peace in my heart, no nothing but deep sadness. I had this “down” state for about three months but all this time I kept cleaning no matter what. There were moments when I felt sorry for myself and was angry that I started the cleaning process. “Why did I start, if everything was ok the way it is?” – I yelled at myself silently. Now I understand that it was already in me for a long time and my cleaning just triggered it and came to surface to be released. The part of me told me to keep going with the cleaning even though I wanted to stop several times. I am glad I listened to this part of me. If I wouldn’t do it, who knows, maybe the same depression would go on these days.

I also discovered that I felt all cleaning physically. I didn’t know then but know now that it was my gift. When I clean and there is a difficult illness, death or really big problem is about to happen the physical sensation and the feeling that someone offended you is with me. I just clean and release whatever. I am unique in that way. It is only about 100% responsibility from my part – to keep it or let go. I usually clean until it is gone because I prefer to not feel offended.

Here is a great video interview with Dr. Hew Len about 100% responsibilities where he explains it in detail.

While these emotional issues were happening, my husband lost his job, the garage opener cracked and all locks in the house broke at the same time! Most of my friends lost jobs, the people around me got sick. All this signaled to me in what mess I was without the ho’oponopono and to better pay attention to it and keep cleaning. I realized that I kept myself and people around me from perfect and right situation in life.

Little did I know it all stopped and the peace surrounded me. All who have been out of work – found it unusual and mysterious, wonderful ways.  Everyone who got sick – suddenly cured without the use of any pills.

After all that I went through, I can tell Ho’oponopono works even if you do not believe it. The recipe is simple and maybe repeated hundred times but I repeat again “keep cleaning!” As I said, you don’t have to believe it. It will show up later once the obstacles are cleared.

I love you.


3 thoughts on “I Am New To Ho’oponopono

  1. Buenas tardes, me fascina aprender y estoy empezando; pero, no se como se limpia, que frase o palabras debo aprender a utilizar, para no hacerlo mal. Tengo excelentes artículos para vender y me da impaciencia por no saber llegar a la gente; y, necesito vender bien para pagar mis compromisos mensuales y mis deudas. Gracias de antemano por sus consejos.
    Jairo Rodriguez

  2. Aloha Jairo, gracias por la oportunidad de limpiar con tu mensaje.
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    Patricia Buchhalter
    Coordinadora IZI LLC

  3. Doña:
    Patricia Buchhalter
    Mil gracias por su respuesta y eso es muy bueno; porque, no se siente uno solo, y, mas cuando le vienen dudas, de no saber como actuar para hacerlo lo mejor posible, atenderé sus sugerencias y estaré mejor. Dios les bendiga siempre gracias, gracias, gracias, gracias.

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