how to survive at workThe other day I was so happy to hear about the Miracles  that  have had my  Ho’oponopono friends  and suddenly  one thought came to my mind: Are  there any Miracles-Results in my life from the cleaning?

Maybe my  Miracles  are  like  little children  so small yet – but  that is just my perception… I am the person who wants to do the  job as quickly  as possible. As a result  once I complete with one here comes another task. This way I never free. This goes on till the end of the working day. I can’t finish  with all planned  stuff and begin new day from the clean list.

At my previous work I always left  couple of papers  for the next day  in case if there is  nothing to do tomorrow. Then I came to that point that I had no job to do not only in the  next morning but I had no business at all.

I decided to trust amount of my work to the Universe and do all the tasks quietly not in a hurry. Now I do correction with my job differently. Now I say to my list of  projects “I Love You” and “Thank You”.

I open my email box with words “I love you” on my lips. What I monitor is: within a week the quality of work increased, the amount of work lessened dramatically without changing efficiency.

Great pleasure do NOT BEING IN HURRY before your day starts. It gives me a chance to say “I love you” to my work place, to my office. I noticed at the end of the day I stopped running away from work like from some kind of disease and instead with gratitude for my day. Big  difference.

My  work with documents has changed. Before I  sign  any document I say to it  I Love You and Thank You. After getting the task  that should be done immediately  I don’t  become irritate and angry. I just keep  saying Thank You for the task that chose me and nobody else in my office! Probably  doing  this  kind of cleaning helps me to rise above and step to a new lever  through acceptance, love and gratitude.

I come to work couple hours earlier than other colleagues. I spray my office with blue solar water. My office returned me a favor of gratitude – my boss gave me unexpected vacation.

Yes. I couldn’t fully fall in love with my job. I have had a hard time to love my responsibilities. I am happy I have the opportunity to clean with it and change everything. Changes  happening all the time. I became less negative towards things that irritated me at work. I began wanting prosperity to all my colleagues and my company! That is a biggy! 

Thanks to my job I got to thinking  what  I really want in my life. I love my work, my office and my company. Now I have no negative feeling  towards my job and wish it all the best.

I became aware that everything   of a great  importance  can’t be done in a rush basis. I realize that  no sense being in a hurry because there are much more important things in our life  – not to late to say Thank You and I Love You to everything that is around me!

Peace begins with me!


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