4151This story from the reader.

Cats are very nice creatures of no harm, aren’t they? They bring happiness and sense of peace to those who love them and take good care of them.

As for me, I had a dislike for cats. I felt uncomfortable when they spin around me and bonked heads against my legs. I didn’t feel like taking a cat in my arms and stroking it.

Only later when I started practicing Ho’oponopono, I learned why I experienced such kind of feelings towards cats. There was some memory that caused trouble to my Unihipily. My Inner Child  was afraid of these four-legged friends.

I didn’t see the problem of not being friends with cats for many years. “Such a little thing.” – I thought … Up to a certain time…

The  Personal Reading  with  Keakaulike  made me look at the cat’s situation from the other side. Thanks to Keakaulike, I realized that there was no little things for Unihipily. I remember that  mysterious warning message from my Inner Child were surprising me: “Cats are not what they seemed. Beware of these strange creatures!”  Wow… What a world! Everything lies in the depth of our unconscious mind! I should clean with this memory without delay. 

Well… Where there is a will there is a way. I didn’t have to wait long for the chance to clean with my experience of cats. Sometime later we came to see my mother-in-law. She had a very old cat. Everyone loved it as it was nearly one of the family. But the cat didn’t come close to me nor I to it. This mutual dislike lasted for eight years.

This time it turned out that the cat was seriously ill for a couple weeks already. It couldn’t eat and move. People said that there was nothing to do with it : “You need put poor cat down so it would not suffer” 

We just came back from our first IZI LLC Class and I had a power tool with me – the Morrnah’s books. So I had a chance to apply it. One night I went to bed and decided to have a look at the cat. It could hardly breathe. I took Morrnah’s books and began to do the process.

After several days the cat began to recover. I kept doing the process with the cat, wipe it with Blue Solar Water and the cat started to move and take food.

A while later I lied down on the sofa with pain in my legs. To my surprise, the cat settled down on my lap. I didn’t feel like chasing it away. We stayed in such a way for an hour when I felt that my pain went away. A miracle!

At the same time I received nice news from the Invisible World that my memory of dislike to cats was released. More over, my Unihipily made friends with my mother-in-law’s cat and they had a joyful time together.

Now we live in a beautiful big townhouse. There are many cat owner’s there. The cats are taken care of and protected. They are guardians of our townhouse complex. I am happy that now my Unihipily has peace towards these fluffy creatures. Thanks to Ho’oponopono!

P.S. Something to consider if you have a fear of spiders, mice, or snakes huh?

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