I know that I know nothing and it is often amazing to see what happens in the process of the Hooponopono cleansing. As I have already mentioned in the article The International Cleansing, I am a frequent visitor of Hooponopono seminars. For me that is the process of cleaning.

The most surprising thing is that the instructors themselves again and again go for workshops for being cleansed! It says (at least for me) how they are dedicated in their cleaning and use every opportunity to clean non-stop!

For example, a few years ago Ihaleakala Hew Len was a participant of the seminar along with us as absentee students.

For me, this was the first workshop, where such instructor with years of experience of Hooponopono was a student like me.

It was wonderful that the Creator showed me this. We are all the students in the process of cleaning. Humility and complete trust of the Creator is not an easy task. But… In the Hooponopono cleaning, it is easy to do.

The good news is that everything we have done ourselves we can correct ourselves.

The charm of Ho’oponopono is to Wash, to Clean, to Vacuum, to Wipe, to Erase and to Live Excellently with inspiration!

Thank you!

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  1. I would love to read passed the basic 1. Get to know the triune self. More techniques to train the child how to automatically stay clear

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