Ho’oponopono BreathingStory from my friend Kate.

It is spring time! I walked along the avenue, inhaling the scent of blooming flowers, feelings, freshness, tenderness… The renovation after way too a long Winter was going on in me and everywhere.

I mentally took  my Inner Child’s hand and we enjoyed this moment together. We said “I Love You” with every inhalation. We said “Thank you” with every exhalation. A thought that a “to do” list would not be carried out till the end of the day appeared in my head … I and my Unihipili made again new breath of love and gratitude… The thought immediately disappeared letting us to be at the moment “here and now”.

The bird’s chirping, the “sneezing” of the tram, conversations of the people passing by, a dog’s barking, the sound of the street sweeper’s broom … – it was all the song of the Universe.

Happy girls with balloons of different colors walked around. Children drew sun, rainbow, flowers, mom, dad, and themselves on the pavement. All around me people were talking about peace, harmony, wholeness, about Love and Joy. So why do we often forget about it?!

We forgot to breathe with Love and Gratitude. Please inhale – “I Love You”, Exhale – “Thank You!”  Breathe this way, please!

I love you!


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