Often health problems appear as a time bomb. Doctors do not always look at physical health along with energy fields. The disease is formed on the energy fields at levels that are invisible to our physical eye. This can be prevented, without expecting when a disease will come down onto the physical plane and entail physical problems.

This session will help you to get clarity on some of the aspects of your individual health. Spiritual comprehension about your health will allow you to make important decisions and right choices in your life. Kekalike DOES NOT TELL people what to do. Nobody knows better than you, what is better for you. Spiritual team will help you to get the directions for the cleansing. The task of Kekalike is to look deeper at the problem and translate the information to you as clear as possible.

Disclaimer: Kekalike is not a medical doctor and does not claim to be one. Sessions does not establish diagnoses and recommendations for treatment. The review of your energy field and its levels – is not a substitute of physical therapy or doctor’s treatments. Health session – is not a substitute for medical analysis, researches, and also is not a substitute of services provided by clinics. Always consult a doctor to determine the diagnosis of the disease and subsequent treatment.

If this session is an emergency, please contact support with your registration number via the contact page. On urgent situations it is possible to connect via Whatsapp and Viber. Ho’oponopono Miracles website and Kekalike does not guarantee anyone that cleansing will lead to specific desired results of the individual. All information is given for cleaning purposes only. Kekalike uses the Ho’oponopono process from the moment of your registration, during the session and one more week after the session to cut the ties.

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Length: 20 min

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