I used to live in the suburb of Boston. And I worked in Boston itself. It’s not a great idea to drive there in the morning. Traffic jams, cars. I must say I am not a fan.

Fortunately there is an alternative – a favorite train. I used the train every day, except the days when I worked from home. After the Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono class, I began to thank my train as a live being when entering and getting out when I remembered.

The railroad company had and probably still have a rule – one conductor for two carriages. I noticed the conductor, who checks all tickets, says “Thank you!” to everyone. When we leave train, his job is to ensure than everyone has left the carriage safely and soundly. Some passengers thank him, and some just wish a good evening and so on. Looks like an ordinary picture… But I am with Hooponopono. I looked at this from a different stand point. From the side of the conductor. No matter what they say – he always say “Thank you!” Often he says without emotions, just says it automatically.

Suddenly I remembered the words of Ihaleakala “Just do it!”. No need to think and analyze, just pronounce the Ho’oponopono tool. And it is not only my conductor, but also other conductors do the same. They are the same – Grateful-speaking.

It is probably a part of their service. They should behave like that with passengers. And that is cool! I traveled on a train filled with the cleansing energy, thanks to these people, who even do not realize what they do for the Universe!

That is why they have so many passengers, despite that sometimes trains break. A good note for businessmen! I don’t travel by train anymore. I think I cut my cords with it and with the people on the train I saw many years.

I love you! 

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