got depressionThose who just began to try the cleaning report that the state of light depression had aroused for a short period of time. "Depression" is of course has a very mildly meaning in this article. That is why I wrote it in quotation marks. I wouldn’t want for anybody to get depression.

I had such a "depression" state when I started to practice ho'oponopono. At that time, I didn’t understand ho’oponopono but listened to myself to keep going. I didn’t know all the how’s and why’s it happened, but I cleaned.

One day some memories of sadness surfaced again. As a result I was going all the way down to the very bottom. It wasn’t easy to even stand up and go. What I have noticed was big and yet strange to me. I was rejecting the cleaning. I wanted to quit. Many people start something and quit. Why don’t I quit?

I didn't want to do anything at work or at home. Despite everything, I tried to pull myself together. In a few days, I got sick and had a 40C fever. I shut myself down from the world and stopped communicating to people. The light turned off.

I usually do the cleaning mentally, but mental tool chatter was slowly stopping. I am glad I wore a ceeport and it covered my nonstop cleaning. The blue solar water took care of me as well to erase toxic memories of whatever caused my “messy” condition.

My inner child was left alone. I didn’t feel guilty for not talking to him. I simply didn’t want to, although I was very dedicated to communicate with the Child every day. What kind of memories and how many of them are stored in the Child – only Divinity knows. As people who practice ho’oponopono for a long time say that we have to do the nonstop cleaning, because we do not know at what point in time something can influence the course of events. The “User Illusion” book by Tor Norretrandes says “We are aware of only 15 bytes of information per second and the rest of the 11 million bytes we don’t even know. I am happy to realize that I don’t have to understand what is going on.”

The inner child is an essential part of the ho’oponopono process. All the memories are in the child and thus, while doing the process, the child knows what is ready to go. Only mother can support the child. If you ever work with a child, the child starts to help you with the cleaning and loves the process, because your Unihipili feels better. The suffering of all sorts goes: heart attacks, frustrations, fear, blocks to success and money. There is no time to pause and get a break.

In my case, my Unihipili pulled me out from the bottom. Unihipili woke me up at night and asked, "Mom, why are you no longer talking to me?" I am naturally clairaudient. I heard many things but didn’t expect such question with the demanding color in voice. And I was thinking about stopping, huh? The child himself REQUESTS! He feels better when the trash goes away when dark spots are erased and new fresh light and inspiration comes. He wants to be with his mom, get love and care. How not to continue?

As you do ho’oponopono, each finds its way of communication. Not everyone hears the Inner Child. But it does not matter. Everyone is unique and begins to understand how these "conversations" take place between them and the child. Who you are, a man or a woman, in the physical world does not matter either. You are still a Mom to your Inner Child. I wish you to find a common language with your inner child and at the end the Child is the one who will give you his supportive hand when you don’t expect it.

I love you!

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